Coral Tribe, Born To Re-Wild
Coral Tribe, Born To Re-Wild
Reimagined Finance (ReFi)

Coral Tribe, Born To Re-Wild

The Story

Corals are the heart of the oceans, housing over 25% of marine life. Coral Tribes mission is to provide economic, educational and recreational benefits to holders whilst driving wildlife conservation. Crypto Coral Tribe is a collection of 6565 NFTs and a community “leveraging art and technology to drive marine and wildlife conservation.” This includes using proceeds from their first pledge to plant 3000 corals across three continents. The ReeFi Fund is a for-profit fund which finances climate projects and shares investment rewards with Coral Tribe NFT holders. Holder rewards are unlocked through native $AQUA tokens.


The Blockchain

Solana (SOL).

The Results

Coral Tribe pledged 3000 corals across three continents through a network of conservationists including Coral Triangle Center, Coral Guardian, Turks & Caicos Reef Fund based in Spain, Indonesia, Turks & Caicos Islands. This effort supports the restoration of ocean ecosystems whilst providing locals who depend on the reef with jobs, food and protected coasts. Coral NFT holders receive regular updates as the reefs are restored and transactions to NGO partners are made on-chain for full transparency.

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