Guerlain ‘REAVERSE’ CryptoBee NFTs
Guerlain ‘REAVERSE’ CryptoBee NFTs
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Guerlain ‘REAVERSE’ CryptoBee NFTs

The Story

Guerlain created 1828 virtual “Cryptobees” as NFTs to support a rewilding project in the Vallée de la Millière nature reserve in France. All 1828 Cryptobee NFT’s were created to match the 1828 pockets of land within the nature reserve, with precise geographical coordinates of the section that it sponsors.

The NFTs were developed “to bring nature back to life in the real world”. The collection, which Guerlain calls the Reaverse (a blend of “real” and “metaverse”), has four levels of “rarity” with unique graphics. Each piece of generative art connects to the land with a unique combination of attributes (15 varieties of flowers and plants, 21 natural materials inspired by the geology and geographic coordinates of the land parcel that your NFT supports). The NFTs also come with rarity including (8 super rare, 20 rare, 500 fairly rare and 1300 normal).


The Blockchain

The Cryptobees went on sale for 20 to 250 tez (XTZ), the cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain, that claims to use less energy than most blockchains.

The Results

100% of the NFT sales are reinvested in the renaturalization of the 28 hectares reserve created by environmental activist, French photographer, director and LVMH advisory board member Yann-Arthus Bertrand. The area is used by researchers working on the reduction of human impact on ecosystems where more than 350 animal and plant species have already been identified. Guerlain also has a female beekeeping entrepreneurship programme as part of LVMH partnership with Unesco.

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